Last informations about Covid-19

Unfortunately there won't be a collaboration in May. We're sorry to be taking a month away from Mini Gallery Box due to the unforeseen challenges of coronavirus.

↳ If you're already a subscriber, you will not be charged for May ; your subscription will be moved to July, when we're aiming to be back ! So, next charge : July 5th with a new collaboration !

↳ If you've purchased a Snowy Dream box by Ellievsbear, it will be shipped mid-May when the french quarantine is over. We can't wait for you to discover this box !

↳ New collaboration with a new artist will be revealed in June ☼ Preorders will open mid-June and boxes will be shipped by the beginning of July. Subscriptions will also reopen by the beginning of June.

↳ Our shop will reopen by the end of May with some Snowy Dream box by Ellievsbear ❆