❀ What is Mini Gallery box ? 

My name is Apolline and Mini Gallery is my online art gallery. 🎨
Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, I was able to start my project and launch Mini Gallery in 2018. I'm a small independent business and I collaborate with a different artist every month to offer you exclusive content.

Each month I create 3 prints, 3 stickers and a zine about the artist featured in the collaboration. 
In 2021, I was lucky enough to work with Sibylline, Gretel Lusky, Tono, Coco Glez, Paloma the Peach, Jisoupy, Apple Cheeks, Maëlle Rajoelisolo, Ghostpuff, Mochipanko and Cheyenne Barton. 

❀ Patreon page 

Now I'd love to share more with you than just on social medias, so feel free to join me on this great adventure ! Support my work on Patreon and have access to 100% original content : videos, Q&A, secret projects and more ! 😍
Thank you ☻