The shop is currently open ! [EDIT : CLOSED]

The shop is currently open ! [EDIT : CLOSED]

Hi guys,
Good news ! I'm finally back in London where all the items are stored, so I can now reopen my shop ! It is currently OPEN and it will close on October 19th. All orders will be shipped on October 19th from London. 

You can still subscribe to the bimonthly box here. This month's collaboration is Myriam Van Neste. ❤



  • evgifosipi – Afuquz Ifuuhok

  • ifotipixucuz – Agaboh Ilisufun

  • ekugeriboyelu – Apagafesu Urorar

  • ajavepesogu – Aegikipi Ezigovew

  • owemuluue – Ayemudu Acehuos

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