Mini Gallery new formula in 2021 ✦

Mini Gallery new formula in 2021 ✦

Hi everyone,

Happy new year ! Wishing you all the best for 2021 ✦

In 2021, I've decided to put boxes on hold and start 3 new subscriptions. 2020 has been a difficult year so I wanted something fresh and new in 2021 for my business. Here are the subscriptions have decided to create :


↳ PRINT CLUB : the Print Club includes 3 prints, a big one (A4) and two medium ones (A5) // FOR 15€ SUBSCRIBE

↳ STICKER CLUB : it will include the « Print club » + a set of 3 stickers // FOR 20€ SUBSCRIBE

↳ ZINE CLUB : includes the « Print club » + the « Sticker club » + a zine about the featured artist (interview, biography, behind the scenes) // FOR 25€ SUBSCRIBE

Products will be designed by a different artist each month. This month's artist is Coco Glez. ♥


IF YOU USED TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO THE BIMONTHLY BOX, you will now be part of the "Print Club" and receive a print set from a different artist each month. But don't worry ! You can still unsubscribe if you're not on board with our new subscriptions ! 

Thank you for the support and the love ♡



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